09 April 2021

South African cannabis sector planning and development gained significant momentum as FORUS Digital Mavens recently launched their cannabis sector cooperative, Cannabis.Digital, which will manage the African Wealth Fund’s Cannabis Fund. FORUS is facilitating the establishment of an SPV, the Cannabis Fund, which will invest across the sector.

Cannabis.Digital called for the industry to collaborate in the investment process, and help identify sector wide sustainable investment opportunities across small, medium and large business ventures. These include cultivating, processing, extraction, retail and distribution, offtakes, facility development, education and potential investors.

FORUS has been researching the economic  potential of the cannabis industry for a number of years. Significant work has been done to develop a number of projects in the Eastern Cape.

With such great potential for harnessing alternative uses for industrial hemp in biofuel, construction, automotives, and textiles, there is incentive for market players to work collaboratively with the government. 

Cannabis.Digital will provide the tools and finance via FORUS Digital to bring resources to market, distributed fairly and equitably in the long term interests of the whole industry. This solves the problem of numerous cannabis sector entrepreneurs looking for finance. FORUS have rallied key players in the industry, many of whom are interested in indigenous plants, not only cannabis. Finding investors in cannabis ventures who understand the industry dynamics has been one of the major barriers for many South African cannabis entrepreneurs. Cannabis.Digital will enable the whole country to invest in the industry.

This is the formation of a self-organising collective which is growing rapidly. The investment into the industry is based on a sustainable model which will enable the sector to solve sector issues. “Canada, Uruguay and Columbia will outpace us again if we don’t activate the South African cannabis industry now. This is a gift we can’t do without”, says FORUS CEO Sonny Fisher.

The Cannabis.Digital cooperative was established to improve the industry collectively. The Cannabis Fund was established to ignite the industry. The Cannabis.Digital launch called for requests for funding and expressions of interest in sector investment from the numerous participants.

For investors interested in joining the Cannabis.Digital initiative please mail info@forus.co.za, and for investors seeking preferential access to capital, invest $1000 USD or more and join the Maven Cooperative Investment Network driving the rollout of the FORUS platform.





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