Secure - Quick Response

Securing The Open Standard

  • Without Constraints
    These require fast, secure operations, using an open standard without the constraints of proprietary technology.
  • An Open Solution
    At FORUS we have proposed and published a Creative Commons Licence for the specification and implementation of Secure QR, to allow instant payments from widely available QR codes.
  • Global Adoption
    This will allow widespread adoption of an open payment system, without taking the walled garden approach of other vendors. 
  • A Secure Solution
    Security prevents spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks, while using current KYC to validate users of the system.
  • Verified
    Check out with FORUS, and the user is given a blue tick to show they are dealing with a secure payment.

widespread adoption of an open payment system.

Interoperability is essential to the widespread adoption of new payment systems. 

The S-QR payment solution

Guarantees the integrity of the payment and the identity of the sender.
  1. The payment instruction from the client consists of the data from the QR code along with the payment details, appended with a SHA-2 hash.
  2. This message digest is then digitally signed using the client private key, and transmitted to the merchant website over HTTPS, which can then validate and process the the payment information, and send a receipt.
  3. This digital  signature proves the identity of the sender and the integrity of the data.